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Scent Proflies

Bamboo Leaf sweet

Fresh with a very light floral undertone strong scent 

Berry melon 

Ripe, sweet berries and succulent melons combine to form this unique fragrance. Top notes of citrus, berries with nuances of pineapple.

Citrus Splash 

Refreshing sweet orange and lemon scents that will revitalize and energize your senses.

French Vanilla

A sweet, creamy vanilla fragrance. Buttery top notes with nuances of coconut. Sweet burnt coconut at the heart. Base notes of vanilla and cocoa powder.

Holiday Delight

Spicy cinnamon, chocolate peppermint and coffee cake! This scent brings the warm smells of the holidays to you with evey use.


Another classic, exotic Jasmine fragrance. Top flowery notes are blended with ozone and a touch of fruity notes. Heart notes of rose and lilac are rounded with musk and wood notes at the base

Juniper berry/ Candy  

Juniper berry is a woody, spicy, fresh and crispy aroma that smells amazing. 

Lavender Melody

Luscious lavender and rose aromas that have a light undertone of sweetness. This is a great mellow scent that’ll help you relax.

Love spell 

Fruity and floral blend, with top notes of apple peach and grapefruit. This gives way to beautiful notes of cherry blossom

Peaches and cream

Luscious peaches & cream scent. Top notes of juicy peach, berries, floral apple and plum. Heart notes of vanilla, coconut, banana and pineapple. 

Pink sugar

Notes of sweet Italian lemon, a heart note of fruity strawberry, and a base of cotton candy and musky vanilla.


This fragrance captures the true essence of the real sandalwood. It has top notes of jasmine and cedarwood with mid notes of gardenias.

Sweet Almond and Coconut 

Our most popular scent that has hints of vanilla and coconut. This fragrance is oh so sweet and gives you a light smell. 

Sweet Cedar  

A rich cedar woody scent, combined with sweet citrus aromas make this unforgettable sweet cedar aroma.  

Sweet Pea

Fresh floral, and apple with heart notes of rose, gardenia and carnation. Violet and mild musk combine to complete the fragrance.

Summer days 

The invigorating scent of a warm day at the beach. A fresh citrus scent with notes of ozone, amber, musk and powder.

Vanilla cinnamon/Cinnamon Roll

Warm vanilla and rich cinnamon aromas combine for this favorite.

Vanilla MonMon  

If you like vanilla this one's for you. Distinct yummy Vanilla scent radiates throughout, with a sweet pineapple undertone, Sage and Eucalyptus. It smells like candy, Most popular 

White chocolate

This scent is so yummy you’ll want to eat it. The cocoa butter makes it smell like chocolate and the added essential oils gives it a warm vanilla aroma.